November’s Fairyloot Unboxing

The theme for October’s Fairyloot was Battles & Galaxies.  This is the first time Fairyloot has done a sci-fi themed box and I could not wait to see what would be included in this box. I had a little idea on what the book would be but I was happy to hear that it would be an… Continue reading November’s Fairyloot Unboxing


Book Series I want to read in 2017

I have started so many new and different book series this year that it was going to be difficult to read all of them, so some have been forgotten, or just left half way through. In 2017 I am sure I will buy many more new book series that will be added to my ever… Continue reading Book Series I want to read in 2017


‘5 Books, 5 Categories’ Book Tag

I was tagged a while ago on Instagram to do the '5 Books, 5 Categories' book tag and because I had some free time after work today I decided to give it a shot. After looking at a few of the photos on the tag I saw that people decided to choose different categories, so… Continue reading ‘5 Books, 5 Categories’ Book Tag