December Wrap Up

  I have not read as many books in December as I have in previous months, but all the books I have read this month have been fantastic. I managed to start re-reading one of my favourite series and managed to finish a series I've been trying to finish for a while. I didn't manage… Continue reading December Wrap Up


Books I want to read in 2017

This year I have bought so many books. I have bought so many books that I needed to buy another two bookcases to store all of my books. The only problem with buying so many books is that you don't get time to read all the new books you bought. This is definitely the case… Continue reading Books I want to read in 2017


December TBR

  My December TBR has all the books that I want to read before the end of the year. I have a couple that are perfect to read of the Christmas holidays and others that I really want to read because they sound brilliant.   The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman When Lyra's friend Roger… Continue reading December TBR