Illumicrate Oh So Criminal Unboxing

In August I received my Oh So Criminal Illumicrate box. I thought the theme for this box was really interesting, and even though I knew what the main book was going to be, I was still excited to see what other bookish items would be included in the box. With the theme being Oh So… Continue reading Illumicrate Oh So Criminal Unboxing


Addictive Reads

  I love reading and can spend hours reading page after page, but then after a while I need to put the book down to either do other jobs or just to have a break. However there are some books that are the exceptions to this rule because I just cant put them down, because… Continue reading Addictive Reads


Illumicrate- August Unboxing (Spoilers)

This is now my fourth box from Illumicrate and it is the best yet. I thought that May's box was going to be hard to beat because I loved everything in that box, but August's box was superb! Everything in the box is great and of such high quality. Some subscription boxes seem to fill their… Continue reading Illumicrate- August Unboxing (Spoilers)